"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-11 00:25:11 (UTC)

The worst Day ever but ended out good

Today Sucked!!!!! It was the wrost day of my life. I
woke up this mornig at 4:30. I have this sky light and the
moon was right in the way and got me and woke me up. I
could not even go back to sleep. Then I got to school and
I was doing T-bar rows. If you dont know what that is it
is this thing were this bar in the middle of my legs. One
of my friends thought it would be funny if when I was doing
it to come behind me and lift up and he did. So I got hit
in the Privite. It hurt let me tell you I went down and
laid there about Five minutes almost. Then everything else
went ok...til the end of the period. Then one of my
friends and I were walking to go get changed then I smelt
my cologue. I said oh no, he said what then he could smell
it to. I was hopping and hopping but it was true a $30.00
bottle of cologue broke in my bookbag. I said Son of a you
know what!! But I was like ok cuz I had a 8.00 bottle from
K-mart so why couldnt that break. So I was mad about the
rest of the day cuz every time I would walk by somebody
they would say what is that smell. Then I got to lunch
they had unsweetened tea in my line so I had to wait almost
to the end of the period when the line went down so I could
get some tea. Fourth went good Tiffani was there and she
made me laugh some and so I wasnt really mad anymore.
Practice was good to I guess I am on kick return and
defence and some offence playing wide out some. So that
will be pretty kool. Then on Friday I am going out and I
got some cloths that umm, i guess you could call "the bomb"
maybe. Well, I am looking forward to it anyway. My mom
invited Tiffani and Sarah and whoever else is coming to eat
some cake. So that would be kool as well. they are nice
to me for taking me out. Tiffani dont know yet until she
reads it. Since I can't take her out I am going to get her
something and I know just the thing. Then when I get my
licence 2 days later we can do something. well I guess I
am going to go.#3