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2019-10-04 19:41:13 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I have missed you all. It has been a long three times and I am glad to be back. I worked two straight sixteen hour shifts and eight hours today. So let me catch you up, I left my house on Wednesday around 6AM. On my way to work, I got hit by a deer. My driver door is smashed and unfortunately I have to enter through the passenger side. So then I get to work and notify my insurance company along with the police. I worked sixteen hours, crashed at the hotel and slept. I woke up and worked another sixteen hour shift and then slept again. Thankfully in the past three days, I had my girl keeping me company while I worked, or it would have dragged. I miss my girl. Hopefully I will see her Sunday. Tomorrow, another sixteen hour shift. Good night all. More tomorrow morning....