Do Not Disturb

2019-10-04 16:01:26 (UTC)

I walked

Today since I've been in the hospital and I have to if, I wasn't I would've still been in bed being the lazy me that I've always turned out to be... Well, besides me having a job and going to school ( which will be a long time before I go back). This was my first time too and plus,I had no choice to I have pneumonia ( a sickness) and it sucks but it felt great to walk around a little bit and having the physical therapist nurses or whatever they were to help me out.

I'm still slowly trying to get better from this surgery so I can home. I'm getting sick and tired of someone sticking a needle in me and it's always my right arm. It's already fucked up as is. Thr3y couldn't do the left because I have 2 IV's on my left arm use to be one.

To bad for them.

My birthday is about to be here and I feel like I'm gonna have to do no choice but to celebrate my birthday in a hospital. 🙄🙄🙄

I just wish my butt can heal already and for this pneumonia to go away quick and in a hurry.

Mood : Ready to go home

- A