Experienced Life
2019-10-03 08:20:20 (UTC)

My friend Jenny is so cool

You know how friends got your back regardless if you're right or wrong just to back you up in anything? I recall speaking to her last Sunday. I saw her because she actually did just breakup with her dude that Sunday. I think they were together for about 2 1/2 years. So I watched her and made sure she was safe as she was getting plastered. Got her to bed made sure she passed out safely on her bed without puking her guts out. She actually already puked in her bathroom and I cleaned it up.

Anyway, before she got drunk, she said some things from the one picture I showed her with Fay. She said "What a hideous looking sweater! She has crooked teeth! Why would you even date a millennial!?. I smile, laugh, and feel thankful I have a friend like that. Regardless if true or not, I know she was just backing me up trying to make me feel better. That's a great friend right there and also, I think women have their own mean streak in them too. haha. I called and checked in on my friend yesterday. She says she is starting to see better and is feeling better every day. She thanked me again for being there. To me, it was easy. I just stood sat around and listened to her that day making sure she was safe at home. Anyway, she knows my situation about the "dear John phone call" .

Jenny told me that I should step it up and not even answer it and just forget about her because she knows me and this isn't me. Why bow down to a person like that? Not the person she knows I am. She says that I can do better.

I also discussed the issue with dating and the financial status of the person you are dating. Jenny knows one of my goals is to travel and who knows? Buy a home or rent a really nice one. Have lots of extra spending money and so my little list of things is for someone to have comprable income I have. Maybe having 30K-40K less would be ok but it depends and 40K less is really stretching it. Well, my one other close female friend "S" says that I seem to care too much about the money and shouldn't care so much about finding someone that fits that bill. She says money shouldn't be on my list of what I want in a woman. Makes me seem like I'm money hungry.

I bounced this off of Jenny and she said that people that don't have money always says this. They always say this because they don't know how it is to have money to have goals that requires money. She wasn't being a snob. Jenny was just saying to me that finances do make a difference in lifestyles and relationships. It does make a difference when you're dating and would like to go on trips to Europe or something and the other person can't go or you yourself will have to pay for them too. She said that what if the other partner gets sick or is temporarily unable to provide income for whatever reason? Will the couple be in deep poop or will they be able to weather the issue at hand with one income? So yeah, I think S is wrong. I will keep my little want or requirement for my future partner in crime to also have a decent income.

On the lighter side of things, my weight didn't drop so much from last night (nice silly pun huh?) I didn't drink enough water I suspect and only lost a pound. I'm at 154 lbs this morning which is still a pound below my ideal weight. I was just hoping maybe I can go extreme and fluctuate between 150-155 lbs but that would require better eating habits and I don't know if I'm ready for letting loose my moderation eating on weekends. Less wine too of course but nah, not going to any fitness commercials anytime soon. haha. More like never ever unless you want me in the before picture.

My to do for today? Dang!! Doing it right now. First thing is coffee in bed. Loving it too. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I have an alarm clock on my nightstand that I never use. I have an Alexa on the other night stand that I use as an alarm clock. A little past my alarm clock, I have a keurig coffee machine. So all my lazy ass has to do in the morning is to reach out and press that button and voila!! Coffee in a few min without even having to put my foot on the floor. Life can be simple and good :)

So let me see. I know I have to contact that truck accessory shop to check on my running boards. I got some hospital thing to follow up on. Got email from my Dr so I need to read it and follow up on what's up. I had some concerns about something and I have an online medical chart which is cool because it also includes communication emails with my General Dr or surgeons. I have to phone in my payment to Toyota for my truck. They have a lame payment process if you want to pay extra on the principal but I get it. They want to make it hard for you so they can get as much from the loan as they can get. Not many people understand paying extra on your bill doesn't mean the extra goes to your principal automatically. Wash and wax my truck. Laundry of course. Pick up prescriptions. Cleaning the house is always a never ending thing. I think that's it but I'm sure I forgot stuff and I'll pile it on the list of to do later.