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2019-10-02 19:57:27 (UTC)

Errands and my new suits :)

Tried to do as many errands as I could today. Never enough time. Paid my bills. Moved my money from my SDI account to my checking account. Went to three different banks just trying to convert American to Canadian currency. Either they don't do that, I need an account with that bank, and finally the bank that will exchange it doesn't have enough Canadian currency. So I left my money with the last bank I went to and I have to come back and pick it up on Monday.

Met with my HR and cleared up my missing supplemental pay so it's clear now. I have the chance to go back in Oct and count that as a full working month if I return by Oct 16th. My surgery happened to be one that my HR person will/may have to get done too so she asked for details on what happened and I provided her with it. I wish her luck on that. I got lucky but I did give her my Surgeon's name.

I also got a call from the Men's Warehouse telling me my suits are ready so heck yeah!!! I picked them up. Looks fantastic. The original sales lady helped me out again and we had such good rapport. The mods made fit me perfectly. One full black suit and one gray. The most expensive clothes I ever bought but it looks good. I like it. Not a fancy pants type of guy but I really like them. Here is a link to what 1 Grand in clothes look like. It could've bought me a lot of liquor or a very good quality drone but whatever. I like them. Two jackets, two pants, four dress shirts, four ties, and 3 of those hanky thingys. Doesn't even include any shoes :( haha

Although my 2nd gym isn't as fun as my first one, it does stay open till midnight so I'm heading out there in a bit. Spoke to two of my friends that just broke up with their dudes trying to make them feel better. Hope I helped. I know they're hurting and want to make sure I'm there for them. Friends helped me not go bat crazy so many times so I have to be there for them.

P.S.. two hrs later, I'm back from the gym. Feeling so much better now. Just weight in at 155 lbs. That means in the morning when all the water evaporates outta me tonight, I should be well below my ideal weight of 155 lbs.

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