win the race
2019-10-02 22:10:07 (UTC)

phone stolen

productive, wholesome, some yoga, finished a contract I needed to make for a partnership (with the designer and developer) on a mobile game I'm launching, cutting them percentage of the profits. learned the difference between gross income and net profits, learned that google play store pays it's developers at the 15th of each month, and apple app store pays at the start of the next month (you'll get payed for january in march). I've printed and hung on my closet the maslow's pyramid of needs to keep me focused, and I nailed my day at work today.

getting my phone stoled focused me on tasks and took away distractions amazingly well. I'm more relaxed, more productive, and a bit more happy to be honest. serene almost. now I'm off to sleep for 7 hours, and it's up for a brand new day to kick ass. let's do it,
let's get it
esktit, ay!