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UnDiscovered Girl
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2019-10-01 13:48:59 (UTC)

Surgery ?

I've never had surgery before kind of scared. I'm getting it in the butt. I ended up spending the night and one of the nurses took great care of me even though they kept giving me shots after shots to test my blood or, something like that. Idk I'm not a doctor.

But all I do know is that I have a what it appears to be is an abscess in the buttocks. It is a very painful abscess. Hurts even worse when you sit or move. I got nervous when they brought me down first floor. All I know is the quicker they get things done the faster I can get me something to eat because it's been 3 days since I haven't eaten anything.

Well, except for that chicken noodle soup but that I could barely eat because it felt like I was gonna throw up every time. Lost my appetite but when my mom went and bought me two Krystal chicks from Krystal's I ate half of that couldn't even finish the rest.

And now it's like every time every body came in with some food ( family) I was even more hungry because I couldn't eat nor drink anything before the surgery ( which is kind of stupid but kind of understand). I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten all day. I've been in pain all day and now that this surgery is finally happening maybe finally I get to eat something afterwards. Maybe like a salad. Idk what I want to be honest as long as it's food wise. I'll be fine.

- A

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