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2019-10-02 15:33:47 (UTC)

Of Mario Maker & Natsuke

Mario Maker 2 has become my new Star Trek, meaning that, it is the thing I watch before I go to bed to help me go to sleep. It is comforting somehow. Lol. A few months ago it was Eric Van Wilderman I was watching, but because I've watched all his videos, I'm watching ryukahr now. Ryukahr is more laidback, anyways, lol. They are both excellent players, but ryukahr excels at speedruns and Eric excels at being an entertaining goofball. Lol. They are both very skilled players, though. Dashie... I watch mainly on Saturday nights, but not before I go to sleep. He's a bit hyperactive. Lol.

Other playthroughs of Mario Maker I enjoyed were Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. That was the first Mario Maker. They have not played too much of the 2nd one, the new one, for some reason.

As much as I love Dawko, I don't care as much for his playthrough of Mario Maker 1. I do, however, enjoy him playing other games besides FNAF. Especially, Man of Medan, recently. I kind of want to watch John Wolfe and Markiplier play it as well, but it's a long game.

A playthrough of Dawko's that I really enjoyed that was not FNAF was Doki Doki Literature Club. A guy at work kept bugging me to watch Jacksepticeye play it and I did, but I watched Dawko first. I only watched certain parts of other people's playthroughs- their reactions to certain parts. Everyone liked Yuri, it seems! I did too at first. Didn't get why Dawko liked Natsuke at first, but now I totally do.


She's the only trustworthy one in the game!

How to conclude this frivolous entry?!?

Natsuke is best girl!!!

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