from my heart
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2019-10-02 11:33:42 (UTC)

i dont expect anything from you

7:33 am
one thing i am shy about is sharing music. its okay to share it in like a public group for music where i dont know anyone but sharing it to someone, one on one, i feel so shy and also kind of scared that they will judge me. so i guess most of the time i keep my music tastes to myself. but yesterday i asked mitty if i could make him a playlist and i dont know if he will like the music that i listen too but i hope he does.

im starting to realize that its stupid to look for a boy to like. honestly i should just focus on myself. i just really want to work on my hair, my face, and focus on my life. but just because im focusing on myself, i dont want to forget people that i love and care about.

i want to make new friends and create friendships whether they last a few days or a few years. i want to go out places and live a life worth living.

i also feel like my mom is so weird lately. she barely says a word to me and her face just looked annoyed most of the time. she drank last night so maybe shes tired or going through things. i wish my mom smiled more. i hate thinking of my mom and seeing a frown and just the whole situation with mom and i feels like shit

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