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2019-10-01 04:56:05 (UTC)

He is choosing to be homeless

This has truly been a fucked 24 hours. Found out yesterday morning that my son did leave the group home Saturday night and is staying in abandoned houses in a bad part of town. One of his friends called me yesterday. Spoke to his case manager, i was able to get his doctor to sign off that my son has to go to the hospital. He has no choice. The cops will drag his ass to the hospital. Everything started looking up then they told me i need to send them an address where he will be at in two hours. Wtf i don't know what fucking house he is staying in. I have it narrowed down to about 20 blocks. Fuck. My son is three days of no meds. He had no money when he left saturday from the group home. My heart is literally breaking over this. H admitted yesterday she has been severally depressed this last week. He is literally choosing to be homeless. That right there shows he is right in the head. I am so upset, pissed, worried, aggravated, scared. I hate to get emotional. Dam. This situation will get worse before it gets better. I'm scared that he might be lost to me forever. Right now my son is sleeping in a abandon house, probably hungry and scared. The worse part. Their is nothing i can do but wait.... Life truly is a bitch.