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2019-09-30 12:20:49 (UTC)

Random Assortment - September 2019

September 30, 2019 Monday 12:21 PM
Fair warning, this is a thicc one. I've kept my ear to the ground.

Out There by Lomelda
Big Fish by (Sandy) Alex G
Fuentes de Ortiz by Ed Maverick
A Puzzle by Bruiser and Bicycle [a band from my home region!! I saw them perform at a house party when I was visiting home and they were great]
I Sense Something Bad is Happening by Bruiser and Bicycle
Take Off Ur Pants by Indigo De Souza
Where's My Dini? by Ovlov [I was mostly only intrigued by this song because I know a couple members in the band went on the create Pet Fox, a band that I really like]
Purity of Heart by Krill [really good song!!!!! About a world that can't find peace!!!]
House Show by Stranger Ranger [rlly good song]
Bam Sha Klam by Lomelda [Lomelda is just... really good at that small town vibe]
9/10 by Jeff Rosenstock [can't decide if I like this song or not]
Nvr by Lomelda
Justin Justine by Moon Dial [last February]
Love is Strange by Moon Dial [really like the lyrics. "Closed his eyes so he could run around/ Back home for another hour./ His mind had folded down and found a secret out/ Carried out into the past he was/ Like a ghost in his own hall/ His heart had folded down and found nothing there at all"
Blue Yodel No. 9 by Jimmie Rodgers [one day in early September I woke up a few hours before class and went to a cafe. It was warm out and I listened to this jaunty country music and it reminded me of pancake mornings, I just felt... good]
Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Sons of the Pioneers [same morning, and I thought of the Big Lebowski!]
Pluto by Chamsom [just a chill, good song]
Crime by (Sandy) Alex G [I realllllyyyy liked his new album]
Different Now by Chastity Belt
Outside with the Cuties by Frankie Cosmos [had some good lyrics—"you find the sad in everything'—but generally I get pretty sick of Frankie Cosmos quite easily]
In My Arms by (Sandy) Alex G
Sugarhouse (Live) by (Sandy) Alex G [ASHSHHSAA SO GOOD, possibly my favorite song this month]
Yemaya y Ochun by INDIA [Karina recommended this song and I like it so much!]
After Ur Gone by (Sandy) Alex G
Jonathan by Fiona Apple
Bad Man by (Sandy) Alex G
Presumably Dead Arm (617 Sessions) by Sidney Gish [I really, really, really like this song. To me, it has a very NITW vibe]
Cow by (Sandy) Alex G [gotta be my second favorite on the album]
Resurrections by Lena Raine [I recently played the game Later Alligator and so I got really into video game music for about a week. I didn't put any of the Later Alligator songs on my main playlist (although they're really good) but I did get back into some Celeste songs and this one is my favorite :))))]
Mystery by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
I'm God by Clams Casino [I really fuckin' wish this song was on spotify. Matt showed me. It's so good...]
32 Levels - Instrumental by Clams Casino
Realist Alive by Clams Casino
Все в порядке, все пройдет by Несогласие [kind of punkish, very nice. Mostly I liked the title a lot. I have been trying to listen to more Russian music, but it can be hard to find music that doesn't sound like New Order, lmao. I'm not a huge fan of that vintage electronic aesthetic, so ://]
Знак безконечность by Zemfira
Спокойная Ночь by Кино
Любимая песна твоей сестри by Poshlaja Molli
Остров by МЫ
Пост-пост by Monetchka [I really like this one!!!!!!!!]
Ближе by МЫ [reminds me of Interpol]
Луна by OZORA, Husky
Мой Вейп Арсений Креститель [translates to "My Vape" lmao]
Насдвое by Kurara
Уходи если хочешь by ЩЕНКИ [lmao I mostly only listened to this song because I can understand the chorus hahahaha.... otherwise it's a little too early-2000s punk-pop for me]
19 by Ssshhhiiittt!
Макс, останови машину! by Posash [Max, stop the car!! Idk, same punk band vibe, but I like it more. it's cuter idk]
Твое имя by Monetchka
Ночной ларек by Monetchka
Не хочу ничего знать by Monetchka
iMi by Bon Iver

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