Do Not Disturb

2019-09-28 04:59:15 (UTC)

At the hospital

And I'm sick as a dog. My stomach kept hurting all day at work. I would try and get off early but my manager would've been like you getting off at eleven and I would've been like I don't feel good I'm leaving but I didn't say that and I ended up leaving at eleven my mother keep complaining about how we're gonna be their for 3 hours knowing she gotta be at work in the morning and how tired she is . 🙄

While I was at work today I saw my crush with his friends. I believe one of his friends told him that I like him because they were starring my way. I know two of them they go to my school but never seen the third boy. And then we had a few more people coming in from a football game when we were just about to close at eleven. I close tomorrow.

Mood: 🤒

- A