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2019-09-29 19:44:48 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
My greatest fear is dying alone or being lonely. In my life, I have always had my parents to be with and spend time with. Even when I was in college far away, I always came home on weekends to be with my family. As I have stated, the woman I am in love with is currently married. I know my sister is a lot more independent then me. But...if something happened and God took my dad or mom or both, I think I would be alone. I wouldn't know how to survive without them. I guess maybe because I am so close to my family, I am scared to lose my parents. I know it's crazy because a 32 (almost 33) year old man is not supposed to be this close to family, but I am. Anyway....that's been on my mind all day. Good night.