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2019-09-28 08:48:10 (UTC)

Strange Dreams Throughout My Life

When I was 5, I woke up (or so I thought - it seemed like I was really awake, but this was so long ago!) and started walking down the hallway. There was a strange green mist. When I got to the living room there was even more of the mist - only, it looked more like what you see when you close your eyes real tight - those grainy kind of colors. Anyways, I walked back to the room and there was a monster on the TV, only the TV was off! So, I thought it might be a reflection. I looked behind me and nothing was there. I laid down and somehow, fell back asleep, even though I was scared.

I think what it was, is I was sleep-walking and had my eyes slightly open, which added to being asleep, may make you see weird things - light in a weird way, and even hallucinate (the monster), which is actually a dream, but it's almost like you're seeing it outside of your mind, in reality. Wow. That's weird. But... it's just a theory... a dream theory! Lol. I don't really watch MatPat, but I love all his Five Nights At Freddy's Theories. Props to Dawko, as well. His theories are more like ideas, but he had some great ideas, concerning the lore and did just as well (I think) as MatPat in trying to piece the whole story together. Anyways... On to the next dream!

I was probably around 12 or 13 and I woke up, crying, from a dream about dogs walking around on their 2 hind legs, upright, like humans, wearing clothes, and even pushing shopping carts around a grocery store. I cried for about a half hour after I woke up from the dream. It horrified me for some reason. I had watched the movie Beethoven that night, a movie about a St. Bernard dog. Nonetheless, the only reason I can think why this dream may have scared me is that it was like planet of the apes - only it was dogs, instead.

Finally, I have dreamed that I was going from random place to random place, speaking to different random people and knew I was dreaming, but could not wake up. I've had this dream a few times since I was 19 (Im 33 now). In one or two of the dreams, I woke up in bed, a few times, only to soon figure out I was still dreaming. I have started thinking I was dead in the dream and therefore, these dreams have terrified me more than any other ones.

Speaking of death, I have actually died in a dream! I had a dream when I was 12 that a bomb went off in my neighborhood. I was a little white ghost ascending into the sky and I saw other little ghosts going up into the sky, as well. I didn't feel death. It was just one second, I was alive and the next I was a little ghost!

Back to the dreams where I knew I was dreaming and couldn't wake up - I'm pretty sure those dreams, especially the first one, were a result of me watching the movie Waking Life and rewinding scenes over and over again, so as to write down all the lines! It really sunk into my brain that way! It's a very interesting movie! It's about this young man who has all these random, philosophical conversations with random people in random places. Or sometimes, he is observing a conversation between other people. Anyways, he eventually figures out that he is dreaming, but then has the problem of not being able to wake up. He wakes up in his bed a few times, only to find that hes still in a dream!

Now, my conversations in my dreams were not nearly as interesting as his! I highly recommend the movie Waking Life, though it may give you very disturbing dreams! Another thing about this movie, is that it is one of, if not the first movie to use what I call realistic animation. It's where the actors are filmed, acting out their scenes, and then are drawn over to make them animated, resulting in animation that's more realistic, than cartoonish.

Finally, I have this small bit of advice for anyone who has a dream like this: If you know you are dreaming and want to wake up, try to go to sleep in the dream. I have eventually figured this out in these types of dreams! Or else, I got tired in the dream and just lay down to go to sleep. Lol.

I've had other strange dreams, but trying to remember them would be extremely difficult. Besides, these ones stand out in that, the first one I described was probably something of a lucid sleepwalking dream(!), the second one about the dogs is very odd, but only in just how much it scared me(!), a lucid dream that you can't seem to wake up from is incredibly scary in that what else are you going to start thinking, but that you are dead? I suppose you could also be in a coma, though. Finally, I have proof that you *can* die in a dream and not die in real life.

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