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2019-09-27 22:41:14 (UTC)

Fay day :)

Spoke to my new friend Fay again tonight. I will be meeting her at her place tomorrow at around 1PM. We had so much fun. This puppy love feeling is so nice to have. We both have it. We both laugh at each other and we both are giggling like little teenagers.... but I assure you, we are decades older. She finds my dark humor so funny. She couldn't stop laughing. She too was making some funny remarks that was so cute. Yup, the early stages of puppy love. haha.

We spoke about the cost of living in Hawaii where I was from and also my current city along with her city. I pay out the door including rent, utilities, lawn service, gas, cable, etc about 2500 a month give or take a couple benjies. This is for a 3 bed 2 bath home with a backyard. She pays for 2,700 just for rent in a small apartment and that's just for the rent. Wow!! Mind blown. I'm sorry this is thinking way too far ahead but I can dream and pretend so here is what I'm pretending. We could rent a place here for 5,000 a month together and it'll be an epic home. We pooled together could easily buy a home. Dang dang dang!!!

Anyway, we're like silly teenagers. We talked on the phone for what felt like 20 min. So of course, it mean't a long time in real life. So I check and found out we were talking for 4 hrs already.. I had to cut us off and say our good nights. WTH is happening? haha

We got some tentative plans for October. I already had my vaca to Canada set up with my Sister the last seven days of that month so I'll try to see if I can squeeze in maybe 3 dates before I go on vaca. We shall see. She actually lives about an hr 20 min per Google maps so going slightly above the speed limit will make it about an hr 5 min maybe? She doesn't have a dentist appt tomorrow anymore so we will go to a small town I believe she said Fairfax or Fairfield to walk around and see the little Mom and Pop shops. Good to walk and talk and get to know each other. Then to a bigger city with more restaurants and have dinner there. Then back to her place, maybe a coffee to get me perked up to get back on the road to go home on for that little over hr drive back to Sacramento.

I'm so thankful for all the things that happened this year. Like I already said, my breakup with ex gf was sucky was needed for me to grow. In a year's time, I feel I see and think much better. The self improvements I've made makes me for a better human being or at least I hope I am. Now that I have something nice happening to me, I can now apply what I learned and perhaps this time, I'll do much better. So life goes on .......