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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2019-09-28 03:39:15 (UTC)

Last night in Seattle

So the week can to an end. After the last nights awards dinner my new friend L abd I stopped by the bar to get a night cap before heading up to the room. We enjoyed a few laughs as we made it up yobher room We enter the room and she simply turns to me and says “god I’m going to miss you. I’ve grown very close to you.”

Then says “btw I’m not wearing panties”. But that night was different it was more than uninhibited fucking it was passionate love msking. We kissed and fingered and stroked and ate and sucked for hours before we both erupted into massive orgasms. When she felt the hard jets of my hit cum hitting the inside walls of her pussy. She kicked into an even higher gear. Avd finished collapsed against each other. It was amazing.

We went to sleep because we both had flights out of SeaTac around lunch the next day.

The next morning o str her to a cum before we both hopped in the shower and I fucked her from behind. Filling her tight pussy again.

We get ready avd then talk. Talked about how we didn’t want it to end. Hie we could see each other how we would communicate. We then agree to meet in the lobby at 9 abd sgsre a cab. We sit avd talk at the airport. Abd we kiss goodbye. She behind to cry a littje.

We both made it to our Homes abd actuakjy talked 5 times today.

Hope to see each other in November.