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2019-09-27 18:23:37 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Do you know what sucks? Rumors. Let me just explain that today a rumor was reported to my female companion. I know sometimes people have negative pasts, which I have already confessed in my diary and regret doing it. But, if there is anything that my girl wants to know about my past, she can ask me. Allegedly, someone from college sent my girl a message about me today. Let me just say, the accusations were definitely false. See in college #1, it was a community college in my city, and I was not very popular. I was on a few clubs: debate, senate, and TV club. I was never connected to the theater club. I admit, I had a couple of girls I thought were attractive, but nothing ever happened with it. I was rejected by several girls and never dated. My first real girl friend was my x in 2011. I confess already from 2004-2007, I online dated girls and was a different person. But 2004-2011, I never had a real girl friend. 2011-2016, I was in and out of a weird relationship. 2017-Present, I have fallen in love with someone who means the world to me and I wanna be with. I am sorry, but I am not a player and I definitely never got bullied. I wasn't popular, but I definitely deny any rumors about me being with a girl in college or dating until 2011. Night all.