Do Not Disturb

2019-09-27 16:41:48 (UTC)

What did I do ?

To deserve to get treated like this. It's like I have bad luck or something and karma is coming back to bite me in the ass.

I hated that I let him have sex with me but I did and now no texts. No answers. I feel so stupid. So useless. So I deleted his number and if,he text me back I will NOT pick up. I doubt that he ever will. He got what he wanted.

Why do guys keep using me for sex ?

It's because I'm so stupid to let them use me thinking that they want more but just only want sex. I told the guy that I have trust issues but here we are back at it again. Maybe I shouldn't have told him exactly that but I didn't wanna get hurt again but here we are because I'm hurt...AGAIN.

Am I not to good to be in a relationship?

Surely seems that way. Because every relationship that I've had seemed to get fucked up even if, we just like each other and not dating type of thing.

Mood: Let me know when a real one comes around and won't come here to play.

- A