Do Not Disturb

2019-09-26 18:24:35 (UTC)

I'm done trying

I met this guy yesterday he's a freshman in college. A football player. Met him on MeetMe. He's cute. We went out for a car ride then we stopped by this park that only I know because he's not from here. We ended up talking for most of the night then he started touching my boobs... I let him and then the next thing you know we eneded up having sex. He has a curfew since, he lives on campus and its 12 .

So, he had to take me home and go. The sex was good. But I still felt like he was using me but he's not. He told me he's not gonna use me. But then he kept saying how I'm asking him all these questions and how I was annoying him because I was asking him questions. I don't wanna annoy him...I like him.

His birthday is next Friday and mine is next Sunday. He will be 19 and I will be 21.

And that was that haven't heard a single text from him back but he told me how he's bad at texting people back he showed me his phone out of all the messages.and missed calls he haven't read. But I'm not freaked out by it because we're, not together. I guess he just wanted sex like I wanted sex. But I actually wanna be in a relationship but don't know if, he wants to be in a relationship and it's fine if,he doesn't wanna be in a relationship.

But when he told me that I was annoying him because I was asking him questions bothered me ever since, he told me.

I doubt I'll see him again. A part of me wants to see him again but...Do he wants to see me again ? Oh Gosh,their goes me overthinking again.

Mood : Don't know what to do now

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