2019-09-27 03:00:14 (UTC)


I'm not sure if I ever posted two entries in the same night before, but maybe it's worth exploring now.
Millipedes...that's what it feels like when the cells in my brain are connecting. And I form new ideas based off old ones.
It's an addicting feeling. Because it's like learning from yourself and your experiences.
And what I didn't realize until I finished Millipedes was that the key takeaway for happiness requires seeking it out.
So if I continue to learn from myself and my experiences, I will be seeking my happiness, and that will make me happy.
Knowledge is power, right?
And I'm sure there's a lot of people who feel the same way.
So proper now, sitting straight up. Pretending like I just didn't break my neck.
Sometimes I crack my neck when it's so stiff, one day I just might break my nack yas gawd.
Millipedes. Tiny explosions of energy,
whirring with electrical ideas, banding together to create
an experience.
That's our brains. We're fucking awesome creatures.
And that makes me happy.
Watching the vlog squad makes me happy.
Listening to music makes me happy.
Thinking about California and smoking makes me happy.
Loving my life...
makes me happy.
And I'm here for the positive changes.
You hate to see 'em, aha 100 flame emoji crying emoji.
So get ready.
We're gonna be on our own soon. It's time to start developing some thick skin.
And have faith. The memories and happiness will get stronger,
but I have to let them grow. I have to continue to develop these really precious relationships.
and I want the effects of their compassion to extend through me, like what I wanted to feel
the first time I left from Chicago.
Because I'm about that good karma shit.
Things have to start changing. They have to.