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2019-09-26 09:47:48 (UTC)

Don't text while you have liquid courage in you

So I posted last night. Laughing at it now. I was buzzed on wine and lots of it. Today, I'm shaking my head thinking what a dumbass I was. Still, I enjoyed last night. Fridge is packed with food leftovers. I can't put anything in there right now. Called my friend to come over later to get some of it out. She struggles at times as she is a single Mom. tough life. I have a full fridge and I live on my own. Loony roomie is here of course but I provided her with her own fridge.

Oh yeah, I got a text from Jen in Oakland last night. She had fun last weekend and she playfully says she can't watch scary movies without me now. haha. She was just being nice. I thought we didn't really hit it off but she seems to think differently. I don't think I want to go further with her. Besides, I only like to date one person at a time and if I were to chose, that'd be Fay.

The host from last weekend's housewarming party invited me and others to dinner at her place again. It's for tonight and she is cooking actual healthy food which I so dearly need to do to keep my weight down. I think I'll go and maybe Fay will be there? Probably not since she lives over an hr away and I assume it's a work week for her. I'll go anyway. May as well be social.

Well, I got errands to run and places to go check out. Probably some shopping too. I'll find some time today to crawl into the gym and get some cardio going. I really need to hit it again.

Regarding going to #1 today? I guess I have a busy schedule so my morning stretch didn't get me for long. As soon as it became a semi, I went #1 before it changed its mind. Yes, I'm posting as if it's a different entity. :) I like to post silly stupid things. Friends that know me knows my filter is somewhat barely existing but life is more fun that way.

I'm just glad the part of me that I liked and missed is coming back more and more each day. Learned a lot of other self improvement stuff too. I'm starting to really like the new me. Who'd have ever thunk that those words would be uttered by me? Something is going on and I wake up every day pretty much feeling good. Yes, at times I'm feeling way too good and I suspect it's causing me my morning bathroom issues but if that's the worse part of my day, then life can't be so bad huh?

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