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2019-09-25 22:11:41 (UTC)

Wooohoo!! Got Fay's digits!!

Had a get together again tonight. Hosted a birthday dinner at my house. Birthday girl was the same one that I asked out a year ago. She is single now and no, I'm not hitting on her at all. We did get closer though. So ... looks like I have at least the worst case scenario of being a good friend. Funny, I backed away from her and now she is somewhat coming towards me socially. How the heck does this stuff work???!!!

Then, H's roommate was here too. Her name is Wendy. She got to know me and was blown away with my catering skills. She's cool. I left an impression on her and that is more than fine with me. I like it and I dunno. I feel great. Life is good I guess. Everything is falling into place.

So after the birthday dinner, we hung out, played darts, and all was good. People started to leave a little at a time. Heidi stayed to help me clean up so that's good. I don't have to do crap in the morning. You know how that is. Waking up from a drunken stupor and having to clean stuff up that you don't ever recall ever doing! haha. But nope, the house is clean. All good. When I wake up, there won't be any surprises.

Then.... After everyone has left..... I get a text... The party I went to a few days ago, I met Fay right? Well.... the host said that she is into me to. WTH???? Mr. Can't pee in the toilet in the morning and she is into me??? haha. Well, somehow someway, she likes me too. I got her number. I feel like running around the block naked like a kid again!!!!! I mean... how the heck can this lady like me? I'm way outclassed. She is hotter. She is more educated than I am. She is younger. She got it all. Somehow someway, she might be into me too!!! hahahaha!!!

I'm ok though. It doesn't matter what happens. I'm still ever so grateful that this beautiful woman from Iran is even interested in seeing me. I'm a dumb ass from Hawaii. Somehow someway I got lucky and got into IT. I work for the State and I get paid well. Well, I'm not going to bitch about someone that cool wanting me. I will appreciate what I have and see where it takes me. Life is suddenly taking a turn for the better at the moment. Here is her phone number.... Not!!!!! Silly peeps. I won't post that ever.

So that's it. Tonight's party is over. Dessert was knowing that Fay has taken some interest in me. haha. Maybe I better not tell her about my hard on issues in the morning. Probably not the best thing to talk about when you're trying to break the ice :)

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