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2019-09-25 09:44:27 (UTC)

WTH is with my hard on?

I don't know what the hell is going on my thing! Lately, every morning I'm having issues with it at attention way past the normal morning-stretch. I have a busy day today now that I have to prep for a birthday dinner. Mostly cleaning and I can make some pretty good dishes. Going to enough camping events and pot lucks, I guess you get good practice and enough taste testers to help you out. I make a pretty good ahi-poke dish that is the bomb. Also, I can make what I call my Hawaiian teriyaki soy sauce chicken. I can make it so the flavors seep into the chicken and it so tender it falls off the bone. Not sure what I'll make yet so I'll decide when I go out there.

The problem is, I'm always a little too hard in the morning. I'm drinking the same coffee. I eat the same foods pretty much but leaning a little towards the junk fast foods more. I still work out at the gym but I've been going really late at night now. So before I have to go out, I once again need to take care of a little business. It'd be easier if they had an anti-viagra pill or something. I don't even want to imagine the mess I'd be in if I ever started taking viagra.

Here's a little TMI that I wasn't going to share but screw it, I will. When I go to go #1 in the morning and I'm having this issue, It's hard (literally) to go pee in the toilet. I mean it's pointing pretty much straight out and up so you either have to force it and bend it down which I can only go so far and it still won't point down enough or you do a combo and point it down with your hand really hard, bend your knees and sort of bend over so you use your body to help point it down at an angle. If it's just too acrobatic to do in the morning because I just woke up, I just give up and pee into my shower and let the shower run till the job is done. :) I know, kinda ewww huh? So ladies, be glad that although you have a complicating body with it's own lady issues, be glad you don't have this one.

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