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2019-09-25 07:58:17 (UTC)

I have to host a dinner

I got a call and text from H last night. She's just been my friend for about 10 years. Cute but goes through boyfriends at an ave of one every three months. She asked me if I could use my place to host a birthday dinner for her friend. I have a man cave so it's sort of ideal to have a place to party at. A pool table room, dart machine, decent backyard with with a fire pit, patio, trees, hammock, and even a fridge since alcohol can't be close enough when you're out there. lol. Anyway, I know the birthday girl too. She's the hot one I mentioned in previous posts but she also has a kid that is way too difficult to handle that made me turned off by her. She is nice eye candy though.

I know H is known to call and use me to do favors for her but she also is fun to hang with and always nice to me and has friendly friends with her. Just the sort of thing that I like so I agreed. But I now gotta clean up the house. ugh... Maybe I'll call one of my unemployed friends and hire her to clean up the place for $100.

I know my friend H is poor. She is doing this for her friend because her friend cooked her birthday dinner a few weeks ago. I was invited to that one and it was nice. So I'm guessing the same peeps are coming over. I know all of them so it should be a good time tonight. Trying not to spend so much though because I did just buy those suits. ugh.

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