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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
2019-09-25 03:33:22 (UTC)

Ferry Sex

This afternoon we hurried away from the education sessions went to our rooms changed clothes and started off in our walk to catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island. At the point we no longer seemed to care who might see us together or what they thought. We left the Seattle port at 3:50 on the Tacoma ferry and enjoyed our journey across the sound. Once we arrived we walked and shopped and just enjoyed each other’s company. We had a great dinner at Viva Rose. As it got darker and darker we made our way to the Bainbridge port abd waited for the 7:20 ferry back to Seattle. While we waited we kissed held hands cuddled laughed. When the ferry arrived there was only 3 others that boarded. We went straight to the deck so we could see the Seattle skyline while everyone else stayed inside. We kissed so well in the cool night air as I eventually unfastened her pants and rubbed her pussy while we kissed. She was so fucking wet. Her clutch seekied by the touch of my kiddie finger and she began to grind against my hand some. She begins to rub my hard Cock through my pants. The more she rubbed the more I was determined to get her off. Before I knew it she exploded in a good cum. I take mu hands from her pussy abd she puts my soaked fingers in her mouth. Licking them clean. She leans over and whisper “we will be ducking aol night king in the room just want you to be presided.” We are now back at the hotel bar getting a drink before we go to one or the others room fir the night. Can’t wait to feel this big cock stretch her tight 50 pussy out.

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