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2019-09-24 10:27:15 (UTC)

Fricking Hard on!

Don't know what the heck is going on. My hard on won't go away this morning. I can't walk outta the bedroom because loony-roomie might be out there so I'm stuck in the bedroom for awhile. Haha. Reminds me about what my ex gf told me before we parted. She did say I had the hardest cock ever! Well, I hope she's with a lame ass softy now. haha. Nah, not really. No care whether or not she is doing ok. I just want my guy to calm the effe down so I can get some more coffee.

I wasn't planning on this but maybe I better take care of my friend here before I go out today. I got some errands to do and it may not be appropriate with a hard on especially going into the Men's gym locker room. Yipes!!!!!! I also need to go to the courthouse to get a copy of my divorce decree. Need it for something. Then I need to set up a Dr. appt to get another shot in the right shoulder. I saw paperwork with my medical insurance provider that I am entitled to 4 shots of whatever it is a year. I may as well use it. I was at the gym last night and I'm starting to use some weights again. Neck don't hurt so I guess the weight lifting I did last night was safe to do.

So that's the general plan. Coffee, call for Dr appt to get a shot. Take care of my personal friend. lol. Then off to the courthouse to get paperwork.