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2019-09-24 12:01:58 (UTC)


I guess, I'll just come out and say it, every day we are faced with decisions. When do I wake up? What do I have for breakfast? What do I wear today? Do I go to the gym now or later? What should I do on my day off? What should I do at work? Etc. the point is, life is full of decisions and sometimes we make the right decisions and sometimes we make the wrong ones. I love my job, helping the homeless population as a case manager. I also have a greater passion in life, radio broadcasting. See...ever since I could remember, listening to the radio has been a passion. I love sitting in my room, listening to sports radio or Sirius XM radio with music. I also enjoy listening to baseball on the radio. My point is, if I had the opportunity to change careers, it would be to radio. That is something I have been interested in since high school. In college, I was on the radio for my college and it was amazing. I tried to apply for several radio jobs, but unfortunately nothing has come through. So here is why life is throwing me a curveball and I guess that is why my entry is titled decisions. Let's be honest, single man, lives at home with his parents, an ok job, and some incredible friends, easy decision to leave for radio. But...sick father, older mother, kind of only child to show some responsibility for family, wonderful girl friend, perfect job, and 2.5 wonderful friends, it becomes hard. I cannot just leave everything and move to California, Michigan, Kansas City, Florida, for radio jobs. If it's in the surrounding area near my house, it's a no brainer. But I have lots of responsibilities around the area and it wouldn't be fare to just pack up and leave. My girl friend, sorry, is serious, even if she is married, love her more then she knows. My parents, two most important people in my life. My amazing job, eh...that's a day-by-day thing. My amazing friends, two are steady, one is mixed. So...I dunno...it's just hard because I miss radio but life is pretty perfect right now. I would love to get a radio job close to my area and hope the rest of my life, remains at the pace that it is right now. Of course, I wish my father wasn't sick, but unfortunately, that happens with people of old age. But I don't want to leave my mom or dad, cause I'm very connected.