Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-09-24 16:33:24 (UTC)

What's Been Happening?

I am so bad at writing lately, like...really bad! I'm still alive! I've just been busy...and sleeping, sleeping a lot.

I don't know where to begin really, not much has been happening, I just feel in a permanent state of exhaustion. My parents went away last week, they went and visited Liverpool, so being the ultimate geek I am, I had two of my best friends bring their PC's over for the week as we geeked out and played classic WoW for a full week, it was glorious. We literally just played video games, played songs from the 90s-2000s and watched who wants to be a millionaire. We were living the life. We cleared up the computers on Friday because I decided I'd have a house party, just for the hell of it. It wasn't bad, it was the usual stuff really, I set up rockband on the ps4, we played ring of fire and also cards against humanity. It was okay.

Aside from that, college is...well college I guess. I'm still not really gelling with the group very well, they aren't my kinda people. They are nice enough but I dunno, I've gotten close with two people there I guess but it just doesn't feel the same as last year. I mean, I'm not there to make friends but I suppose it helps to have allies, right? We'll see how things develop between now and half term. I've been reading The Great Gatsby as part of my English work, I should probably check the film out too. I've been working out with Trist again too, which has been great. My arms are currently feeling so heavy as I write this. I think I'll sleep well tonight, I hope so anyway. My classes got cancelled today after they had a balls up with the timetable, I don't mind a free day but it was so annoying having to go in early for no reason.

I wish I had more of a life or more important stuff to say but, that's all I've got.


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