Do Not Disturb

2019-09-23 16:07:56 (UTC)

Homework due today

And I did none of it because I didn't know what to do exactly because I came in at the last minute. We were suppose to write 3 informative speech topics or,something like that and I haven't started. I don't know anything about 3 informative speech topics about what to write about those 3 informative speech topics correction. I wanted to ask more questions but I was in a hurry... in a hurry to get my ass out of their and now it's Monday and I'm confused and I'm lost plus, I'm still sick... Kind of but I go to school anyways. Just a runny nose and coughing nonstop. I'm fine. Really.

Should've asked more questions on what we were suppose to do ???

Or, I could just search it up on my phone. Google has all the answers. Most of it. Google has most of the answers.

Mood : Freaking out 🥴

- A

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