Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
2019-09-23 14:36:10 (UTC)


What did I used to write about when everything subsided? I just live a normal life, with nothing happening from one day to the next...

Maybe it was the drugs that made it all seem worth writing down, but then, I used to right before any of that.

I’m just a little lost as to what to say. I’m back to a normal level, I can breath again, although didn’t really sleep last night. But that’s not much new.

There’s loads of things I could type, loads of things I could vent out, but none of it will change. It’s not like talking about your need to breath changes how much you need to breath! Some things are inevitable, some things never really “go away”.

Maybe I’ll close this down, it’s probably too much anyway... I’ll sleep on it and consider.

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