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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2019-09-23 08:26:50 (UTC)

Seattle Sex

Well I had arrived in Seattle for one of two annual conferences that I help instruct. The program usually last for 3 days and normally has about 300 who attend.

I’m usually a good boy while I’m at these programs basically because I am suppose to be one of the leaders. The first morning there I get up super early go down to the restaurant in the hotel and get seated fior breakfast. As I sit there eating and glancing through some papers I realize that at the adjoining table is a nice looking lady close to my age eating alone as well. So I speak and ask what brings her to Seattle. She is actually there fir the program that I am assisting with. She is actually a new employee of the organization putting on the program. We talked for a while. Learned our kids were about the same age and we had been married close to the same amount of time. She say our goodbyes abd head back to our rooms to prepare fir our king first day.

Sure enough though when I get to the session I’m helping with there she was again. She was moderating that panel discussion So we spoke every Chance we got through out the day. By our late afternoon break I decided to ask if she had any dinner plans and she said no. So naturally I asked if she would like to join me for dinner and she said yes but said she wouldn’t have a lot of time because she had sine things to do to prepare for the next day.

We finish with the days session and agree to meet in the lobby at 6:00 we walked and talked and found a nice restaurant not far from the hotel and actually had a great meal and great conversation. We learned that we were both former college athletes. We both married our college lives. Each had a son age a daughter. And without saying it in words we both could tell each other wasn’t the happiest in our marriages.

We finish our dinner and head back to the hotel. She remembers she had to get some documents from the make shift office there at the hotel conference center so I walked with her. Somehow as we were in the room together we both simply said how great it was to have great company for dinner. We leaned in to give each other a hug and what a streak of lightning it was that hit us. It was like bam. We both New at that point that we had some true sexual energy between us.

We backed away from our hug sort of speechless from what we had experienced. We leave the office thing and walk to the elevators. One in the elevator I tell her goodnight and give her a hug in which she hugged back and we end up looking deep inside each other’s eyes. We begin to kiss. Amazing powerful kisses. We exchange room numbers and go to our rooms. I’m pretty certain she had to call home abd I did as well. However about 39 min later my room phone rings. Abd it is her. She asks if she could have me proof read something for her. She knocks in my door abd I let her in. We sit in the room chairs as I read something that I very clearly could see didn’t really need proofed.

As I finished and handed it back to her out hands met and I held it fir a few minutes while making small talk until I pulled her closer to me. She ended up sitting in my lap as we both shared sine of the most powerful kisses I had ever experienced
Our hands started to wander. My haves found her breast and discovered how rich hard her nipples were. I ran my hand up and down her thighs. Before I knew it all of our clothes were lin the floor. I’m kissing her entire body. Taking her gorgeous nipples into my mouth. Then she turns around and gets on top we begin to 69. She has the sweetest tasting pussy that I’ve ever experienced. She was very good at sucking my cock. She slides down my legs and takes me inside inside her reverse cowgirl. Making the full shaft of my Cock work in abd out of her. She gets up on her knees and I take her from behind. One hand on her hip the other on her shoulder. It’s realky getting her going as her moans are getting louder. She stands up and jeans over the little desk and tells me not to stop now. Then asks me to fuck her ass. I enter her with only the overfkiw of her pussy juices as lube abd pound her fir just a few minutes before she busts into one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve seen a woman experience. Her whole body was basically quivering. Once she came down to earth she ducked me off. Swallowing every last drop.
We cuddled up talking holding each other and fell off to sleep. Right now she is laying right next to me.

I guess we will see what tomorrow holds for us. Stay tuned.