Submissive Thoughts
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2019-09-22 17:23:06 (UTC)

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This weekend was sort of a mental aha for me. Daddy and I had a discussion about the different kinds of submission he expected ( mainly service) and what I viewed as submission. After thinking about it I really enjoy a lot of aspects of service submission and by this we mean 1950's household type structure. I got up Saturday morning and folded/ organized daddy's laundry and it put me in a happy space ( submissive mindset) From this space I was much better equipped to deal with the day and any requests daddy might have had. It reminded me that I can take initiative and purposely get myself in a better mindset by doing little things.

I am still in a happy place and dreading the inevitable drop. I wonder if since we are essentially 2/7 drop can be prevented. It almost seems inhuman hmmmmm.......