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2019-09-22 08:34:34 (UTC)

Fay day +1

So it was last night that I met someone I'd like to see more of. Her name again is Fay. I got a text from the host last night. You know, I don't know if I mentioned this but I met her at the gym. haha. She along with 3 other people came in one day and was having an intro to the gym deciding if they wanted to join. The director of the gym pulled me in while I was warming up to discuss what I like about it. Don't recall what I said but the next thing I know, all three of the people I spoke to signed up :) The gym director loved me after that and we became friend from then on.

OK, I'm drifting again but so what? I'm not being graded on my writing and this is my relief valve so I do what I do. Anyway, the host from last night texted me saying she will work on playing the match maker for me to see Fay again. It'd be cool if I had another chance to see her. I did get invited to a cocktail dinner next month so we get to dress up this time. She said she can take me in as her guest and hopefully, I see Fay.

Today, I start my normal morning ritual of coffee in bed while I'm on my laptop surfing the net. Do people still say that? haha. I got invited to go to the river today. We tie up inner tubes and float down the river as one bunch of a drunken mob. About a couple dozen of us go I'm guessing and just float down and enjoy the view. I'm thinking about it but I don't want to infect my cut from the surgery. It's healing great but don't want to take a chance. I dunno. Maybe a little paranoid but I don't want to slide back from my recovery. I'm doing better every week and the is a possible no-no. We have a lot of homeless people living alongside the river so they have put a slight dent in contaminating the water with their pooping. Also, we have reports of some green algae and dogs have been dying from drinking the water. I don't own a dog but we've had reports that dogs have been dying because of this. I'm sure I'm just being paranoid so we shall see.

My friend H said just to slap a band aid on it and lets go. I laughed and said thank you Dr. H. But I think I need to go to church instead. Lots to think about and so I should go there for a good word and to clear my head from loony-roomie, healing, going back to work, and other things rambling around in my head.