Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2019-09-19 23:19:46 (UTC)

Talk About Automatic Writing! (This Is Scary!)

I don't think anyone has done it quite like I have! I'm not trying to brag, it's just that I've done it twice now -- without the intention of doing it. I think most people who do it, intend to do it before they do. So, how have I done this? Let me explain:

The first time was in school. I forget what grade I was in. Probably 10th or 11th -- maybe even 12th. Lol. I really don't know! Anyways, I was sort of nodding off in class and I was dreaming that I owed the mafia money (I was obsessed with the movie The Godfather at the time and young Al Pacino, πŸ˜‰, so this dream actually made sense for me to have, in a way!) and when I woke up I had written something like that on my paper - in sloppy, but legible writing. I had written in my sleep! How many people have actually done this?! I wish I could know!

Well, I've been trying to write every single day (offline, obviously.) and since September 1st, I have been successful in this endeavour. My minimum goal is 4 sentences. I want to write at least that much every single day. I figure that is a good, solid little paragraph.

So, I was desperate to write Monday night, September 9th (yeah, I'm just now writing about it in here, lol.), that I was nodding off to sleep the whole time I was writing. My writing came out sloppy, but legible. Kind of like drunk-writing, lol. Only... it did not make any sense at all! At least, when I'm drunk and write, what I write makes sense and the writing isn't always sloppy. When I'm drunk I'll write less-inhabited, crazier thoughts than when sober. Stuff that when I read back on it, sober again, I may not even agree with! Anyways... I woke up the next morning and remembered that I wrote while nodding off to sleep. I knew the writing would be sloppy, but I thought I had written 4 sentences, at least. I was correct in all of that. I thought that what I had written might be a little non-sensical, but I had actually forgotten what I wrote. When I read over it, I couldn't even remember what I dreamed! Here is what I wrote:

*It's so easy to have impostors. I am still here. The next minute some Irish or British person is playing me. Can I die without the make-up?*

To clarify some of this, I am American. But, what the hell does it even mean what I wrote??? Kind of scary! Like, I have some Irish or British clone pretending to be me! Like that show Orphan Black, that I only saw the first season of when it was on a few years ago, lol. But, what does, 'Can I die without the make-up?' mean??? Holy shit!

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