Do Not Disturb

2019-09-19 20:16:05 (UTC)

I took two Pms

Yesterday and I was out like a light. Not knowing that I was suppose to take one or not because my head was hurting really bad. I finally applied for renfro's. I really wanna find me another job I'm getting sick and tired of Wendy's and their food.

But I'm not sick and tired of getting the southwest avocado salad with no avocado and a strawberry lemonade. That's what I had yesterday and my mom has the audacity to say that I love spending money. I mean I would've been saving money if,you would stop asking for it.

I almost didn't feel like eating yesterday. Because of this Mike guy that said something about my weight because I said that he was to big to be sitting on the crate and that if, he fell I was gonna laugh. And I wasn't even going towards his weight.

He may seem like I thought I
was but I really wasn't. I was talking about his height. But of coarse, he had to take it to far and that got to me and I tried not to cry but I couldn't hold in. I've always had problems with my weight. I'm not fat. Nor am I skinny. I'm more of in between. I have some meat on me. I have stretch marks. Chubby is the word.

And this is the same reason why I stay to myself.

Mood : 🙄

- A

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