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2019-09-18 19:27:00 (UTC)

General Reading: What's a hard lesson you got taught lately?

Pick a number between 1-5, then scroll down for the following card (numbered) and my interpretations on the reading based on the question.

Card 1: King of Cups (Reversed)

This card is associated with inner feelings and so I believe that the hard lesson you got taught lately has something to do with emotions. You are discovering the emotions stored in your subconscious mind and how these emotions effect you. Because of that, you've gained a stronger sense of control over your emotional well-being so that your feelings don't steer you away from living your best life. Other people might have triggered you in the most recent past, or push your buttons harder until you feel like you might lose it and throw an emotional tantrum, and through this experience, you have learnt how to handle your emotions, which is a hard lesson you got taught lately.

Card 2: Justice (Reversed)

With the Justice card reversed, it is associated with your inner critic or inner 'judge'. You know you have done something that isn't morally right. You've decided to hide and hoped no one will find out / you owned up to your mistake and resolved the solution. Either ways, you will need to live with the consequences, and that the learning that everything comes with a price is what you've been taught.

Card 3: King of Swords (Reversed)

This card represents quiet power. You've learn that you have a lot to contribute and share in your own ways. You've also learned that you power and authority comes from within you, from your belief in yourself, your deep connections to your own values and your commitments to stand for the truth. You've learnt not to let others steer you off-course. You've learnt all these positive qualities because you used to be indecisive about where your best opportunities lie or in which direction you want to go. And you may lacked the mental clarity to work out what you need to do in your situation, and your thoughts were scattered and may start to feel panicky and out of control.

Card 4: The Hermit (Reversed)

You have created more space to meditate and reflect by isolating yourself. You used to struggle with your spiritual self but now you are able to go deeper into your inner being and rediscover your great purpose on this Earth.

Card 5: Five of Wands (Reversed)

You have been facing internal conflict and are unclear on where you stand on important issues, and you have been working on controversial topics / you have been navigating personal issues such as relationship / families / jobs. You have many people with a combination of different views which contrasts your own, creating an enormous amount of tension and disagreement. Just when you think you have a clear perspective, someone challenges you on it or when you discover new information, someone disagrees with your new viewpoint. Therefore, you learned to avoid conflict. Tension made you feel uneasy, and you wish it would go away. So you've learned to deflect the negative energy and ignore the problem.

Thank you for reading.

Moonlight Angel <3

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