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2019-09-15 19:46:01 (UTC)

Home not so sweet home

I like being alone at times. Just kicking back, relaxing, doing little errands at home. That's more than fine with me. However, I forget I have my loony roomie here too. She's stuck and is only able to walk to the Pizza parlor. Now that I'm not working for awhile, I realize that I see her a lot more than the norm. So that means more time for conflict. And guess what? Conflicts do come up. Sigh....I never even initiate communication with her. I'm polite enough to respond because she actually repeats what she just asked.

One of the things she asked was if she saw the wine rings. These go around the wine glasses. I actually don't know. I told her maybe the dishwasher took it out. She says no. So I told her then I don't know. She didn't go about to say it but I know she is thinking thet I threw it away. The other thing she asked was for something about the kitchen. Forgot what but I disregarded it. she's mean, most likely drunk, and who knows what's rambling around in her head.

I could hear her on speakerphone today with someone on the phone. She was bitching about her Sister taking care of her finances when she can take care of it herself. She said she's done it before and knows the she can do it. The guy on the phone says "How? You can't even read." I almost laughed but didn't. Then she asked if she can live with him. His response was "No, you can't. Don't have room for you." She then pretends to not say it and responds with " I know". Again, I chuckle. If you know, then why ask? There is more but you get my drift. I wish she'd speak to someone without using the speakerphone. I can't stand hearing stupid people saying stupid stuff.

So I say this because I now feel depressed from all of this. So I had surgery. Ok, fine. I broke up and am rebuilding myself to be a better person. Ok fine. But do I have to deal with this bullshit while I'm going through some challenges in life? Do I really need this negative person around me too? And you know my ego is pounding at the door telling me stuff like loser, nobody wants you, you'll never be worth anything, etc, etc. All this started because this person is just so negative and crazy. I freaking can't stand her. She just has nowhere to go. No one wants her. Her siblings won't let her stay with them. Except for me, she's been in 8 places in 2 years. I think she's been with me for around 6-8 months now? And I confess, my text from my ex stating that the judge approved the papers to have my Son change his last name and remove my name on the birth certificate wasn't a positive text for sure..

So yeah, today was a bad day. Now I feel like crap. Depressed. I can't go back to my crossfit gym yet to get this out of my system. I can go to the 2nd one where I can go on the elliptical. First thing on my agenda tomorrow. Maybe I should just go back to work next month. Being off is fine but I miss my friends at work and I actually like my job so I miss that too. Plus I don't think I can stand another month at home with looney roomie.

Ok, time to psych myself up. At least I'm still getting disability insurance so I'm ok financially. I do like adding upgrades and accessories to my truck. That's fun. Tomorrow will be a big day for my truck. A lot of electronics will be installed in it. Hiring someone to do this. I do get 700 a month from looney-roomie's Sister and I haven't spent much of it. I have around 3,400 saved up in my room. Haha. My Samsung account is almost paid off. Just 200 more buck and it'll be done. Bought a Note 9 and 75" tv last Oct. It's almost paid off so yeah!!! More months cash to spend as I want to. I somehow managed to not gain 10-20 lbs since surgery. I've been able to keep my weight under 160 lbs for most of this time. Idealy, 155 is perfect. I've been averaging 157--160 which is amazing for me. I was able to take care of some paperwork finally. I lost my Naturalization papers and to get a duplicate, it costs 550 bucks. Just for a copy. Sheesh!! But I finally buckled down, filled out the paperwork and paid for it. Now what does it get me when I get it? Nothing at all. All my info is in some info somewhere in some Govt computer. haha. I just know it's something I needed to do and finally after more than 10 years, I did it. I still have sort of a date with Jen sometime in the future. I do have a trip to Canada in October. Can't wait for that. Love 6th, I'll be back at my primary gym. I'm also going to take boxing classes at the other gym. I look forward to that. I just need to sleep on this and tomorrow will be another day. A better day. :)