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2019-09-15 11:25:17 (UTC)

So freaking lazy today

I had plans today. I was going to go wine tasting with friends but I'm too lazy for that now. I was also thinking of seeing my hot friend play today. She's in a band and was thinking about it but nah.... too lazy for that now. I usually go to Church but the session is actually almost over. Again, being a lazy ass. I'm so lazy the I didn't even make coffee yet.

I think today, I'll just put the hood deflector on my truck. Work out at the gym for a bit and maybe catch a movie. Maybe :) No matter, the day will end and what I do with it is what I do with it. I smile because these are one of the perks about being alone. You do whatever the heck you want to without having to coordinate anything with anyone. Just going with the flow and I like it :)

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