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2019-09-15 16:18:00 (UTC)

My head is all over the place ..

My head is all over the place so much has happened in the last couple of weeks or so we've not long got married and said I do to each other and now things have gone down hill what does that mean? Did I make a mistake by getting married should I of waited another few years before deciding? I don't know the answer to my own questions, all I do know is things shouldn't be like this after we've both just agreed to spend the rest of our lives together through the good and the bad times. But what if there are only bad times to come what do you do then stick with it because you both made a vow to each other. Marriage is meant to be a sign of love and a sign that you want to grow old together and have a family. But how do you know if you have made a mistake by getting married, whether it was the right thing to do or not how do you know?