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2019-09-15 16:08:40 (UTC)


What do you do when you are slowly drifting away from your partner the person you love the most, the person you would do anything for, but they are also the person who hurts you the most. How do you know what to do, stay because you love them or go because nothing will ever change between you. It's hard to think of not having them in your life but then you also know you need to move on. How do you tell the person you love that this isn't good for you, and that you need to go? How do you deal with the heartache? What if you end things then in a couple of months time decide it was the wrong thing to do what do you do then? What do you do when your closest friend can see how upset you are and tells you the relationship isn't good for you, do you listen to your closest friend who knows you inside and out or do you listen to your head and stay because you think things might change, but what if they never change? What if things get worse and you can't cope anymore, When do know its time to say goodbye and move on. This is the one thing I hate about love is you never know if it will last or if things will end. You never know what is good for you until it has but then what do you stay because you think its good but then in the end it turns out that it wasn't a good idea to stay.