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2019-09-14 21:25:03 (UTC)

Tacoma accessories

My hood deflector came in today. I didn't put in on yet so I'll eventually attach a before and after. I also order side steps too. I have a dual cab long bed and the side steps will be from wheel to wheel. They aren't rock sliders but I won't be doing much of that so no biggie. They are expensive for side steps though. over 600 bucks. Close to getting rock slider prices. But hey, I'm going to love it.

Made it to the gym today too. Struggled a bit but I was able to do an hr on the elliptical. Got enough myzone points for the month so no worries on that now. I will keep my ranking :)

Tomorrow, my friend H invited me to go watch the hottie with the psycho kid perform. She's in a band. My other dart friends said they'll be going wine tasting. I might do that instead. Not sure. Maybe both. We shall see.

I doubt I'll wake up early enough tomorrow but if I do, I'll hit the gym for an hr. I'm somehow keeping my weight in check. I was at 157 lbs this morning. Not bad. If I stopped drinking, I bet I could hit 150 and lose some fat %. But I doubt I'll do that :) lol