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2019-09-14 05:57:16 (UTC)

Got a text from an old but hot friend

So I've known this hottie for years now. Just friends. She's from Lithuania. Pretty, blond, forgot her eye color, nice accent. Anyway, it was really late. She was texting me saying she is having issues with her boyfriend and wanted my opinion. They've been together for about a year and she feels him fading away.

First thing she said that he is fading aways because she thinks it's because it's a stereo typical man thing. Then she guessed that it could possibly be something else. Funny how after all those videos and reading on this, I see a little bit clearer than before. I told her to stop trying to mind-read someone. You are making things up in your head and it's not something you want to do. I was pretty shocked myself when I mentioned that because I didn't know about this myself not too long ago.

As she was sending me more texts, I just pretty much just let her spew out her thoughts and concerns. When she was done, I asked her what she wanted from him. She replied " I am in a relationship for love. I want to be loved and have fun and have fun and have someone with similar values". This is good I said. Those are very good things to want and ask for. Then I asked her if she knew what he wanted. Guess what? She couldn't answer this. She then proceeded to guess again and to mind read what he wants. So I told her that she so far knows what she wants and is wanting it from him but she doesn't know what he wants and that she should find that out.

It opened her eyes a little and she thanked me. In the back of my head, I'm thinking who the heck am I to be giving out any tips? I'm pretty much full of poop myself. I almost want to say to listen to what I have to say and do exactly the opposite of it and you'll do fine. I didn't of course. It did make me think though.

Off topic post. I did go to the gym last night. It closed early and I forgot it was even Friday. I did get about an hr or cardio in though. I went and used the gay machine (as I told the Dr). I was laughing the first few minutes I was on it. But I'm only a few points away from making my minimum mandatory point for my myzone workout app. 11 more months and I hit the Diamond rank.

So I'm up early this morning. Don't know why. Don't need to be. I think I was up at around 5:15 AM. Having my coffee in bed of course. My kuerig coffee machine next to me on my night stand. Told my friend about this the other day and she just laughed and me. I think this is one of the best fung-shwei things I ever did for my home :)