Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-09-13 19:52:44 (UTC)

I can have a dark side

Lost a friend? Check
Dark side by tim minchin playing? Check
Alright... time to vent

Do you have a dark side? A side you wouldn’t tell anyone in fear they would despise you?
Well this is my diary so if you don’t like that then you may off yourself. I’m probably going to lose a follower here but you know what? I’m here to remain sane, not make friends or make people happy by acting a whore.
So I’ll just say it...

I used to torture cats, like choke them, gripping their necks then letting them go just to watch them gag. But you know what? Perhaps they should have thought of that before they attacked me. I still have a scar on my leg from 10 years ago. I just wanted to snuggle, making a 10 inch wide gash in my leg wasn’t necessary. So i chucked it across my room, the next day i went to pet it and then it hissed. After it bit me I grabbed the tail, turned the little fucker into a windmill for half a second before slamming its back onto the ground. I watched it slowly stand back up, it didn’t even run, the little shit was that pathetic. It just crawled away, i heard a puny meow, i knew it was asking for help... so to help it get out of the room I kicked it to the next one. I had no remorse for these cats. Thing is i react on the dime. I never planned an attack... well maybe a few times but 90% of the time it was x=y. I talked to a friend about this, he unfriended me, blocked me, banned me from his server and left. Did you not read the part where i said I used to? Even in 9th grade i was slowing it down allot. Now I haven’t even done it in a whole year! This cat hasn’t seen a whole lot of abuse because it doesn’t hurt me, it hasn’t in a whole year. In fact ever since my sister left for college, the cat has been approaching me for attention. i pet it a little then it runs off to go stare at the clouds, chirp with the birds through the window, play with toys, talk to the demons in the shadow realms and what not. But i like dogs, they seem more willing to snuggle. Even a pit bull is all snuggles and huggles if you raise it right! But cats are just a gamble. Some love you others don’t.

So guys... I guess the moral of this story is when I’m trying to snuggle with you, you best not deny my snuggles.

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