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2019-09-13 16:23:36 (UTC)

Got some info from my Ex wife

Well, I knew it was coming. Ex wife sent me a text. She had the birth certificate and name changed for our Son. He wasn't my biological son really. I ranted about this many years ago on this site. But if you haven't read my diary, I'll post the highlights of it. Son was born in 2005. In 2010, I found out he was not biologically mine. Wife at the time was fooling around with someone. However, I did sign the birth certificate. I was there during the birth and saw him enter this world. I love the kid but when I found out he wasn't biologically mine 5 years later, all I could do was shake my head and figured my wife at the time had it in her to do shit like that.

Anyway, fast forward 14 years after birth, the ex wife went to court and got the boy's last name changed to the dead bio Dad. They also did the DNA testing to legally remove me from the birth certificate. I believe this is so that they can get SS for the child and back SS money I'm guessing. I don't know if this is true regarding SS. I'm just guessing and this is from what I know she'd do. That may be another 1500 a month and possibly medical for the new Obama care of whatever it is nowadays.

I told my friend H about it. She said that was a sad thing. I said yeah, it is but it needed to be done I guess. There was always the possibility of it rubbing it's ugly head up and she may have hit me for child support in the amount between 100-1500 a month with back pay. That'd be mind blowing if you added the that up. I'd be living in the poorest part of town with a miserable life. All the fun stuff I do now would be at a standstill. So yes, it was a sad day but no it was a good financial day for me. No more wondering if she'll come up and hit me for support. End of another chapter.

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