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2019-09-13 21:04:32 (UTC)


I've recently started back at college which I am enjoying so much it gets me out of my head for a couple of hours which I need, but then when I get home to my husband I start feeling low again, I don't get no encouragement no questions how college went just pure silence. I feel like he doesn't like the fact that I have gone back to college but I am doing this to better myself and gain more qualifications which I can be proud off, I just hate not having my husband supporting me I thought that's what couples did, encouraged each other and wanted each other to better themselves. Maybe I'm wrong but that is what my mom has always told me. I don't know what to do for the best to stay at college or to quit to make my husband happy. But then I will feel as though I have let my self down if I give up because it may be upsetting my husband.