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2019-09-12 22:55:52 (UTC)

Dr Appt results

Well, the Dr was so backed up. He hardly had any time for me today. So I didn't get to ask all the questions I wanted to ask him. He had an assistant with him helping. We did cover some things though. I did get a new set of x rays and he said that is looking good. Everything is healing just as it should. My cut is healing nicely so there shouldn't be much of a scar.

He said I shouldn't go on the treadmill. Any type of impact isn't good. He says I'm weird and usually he has to get people up and about. He told me that he has to stop me from going too much. His assistant said I shouldn't go back to my crossfit gym for 3 months. They already said that before but I was hoping I'd be able to go back sooner. He suggested I go on the non-impact type of machine like an elliptical and was trying to describe it to me but I told him I understood and I now what type of machine to use. I just told him they look so gay though. He and his assistant busted out laughing. Then when he could, he said that I can't say stuff like that nowadays. Even when they left, they were still laughing in the hallways.The assistant came and gave me some paperwork along with the device they put in me. I just have to Google it and see what it is.

I didn't even get a chance to ask all I wanted to ask but I do have an online chart where I can communicate with the Dr or hospital so I'll ask my questions there. But for sure, I can't do any impacting workouts for 3 months. I didn't even get to ask if I could return to work but hey, no need to twist my arm on that one. I'm covered with the State disability till Nov 6th.

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