Do Not Disturb

2019-09-11 23:52:02 (UTC)

I did it

I was the last one to present. I was thinking about presenting Monday but I wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way . My voice was a bit shaky but I got through it I got my A. Everyone else seemed so confident in presenting their projects and well me... I wasn't . I don't do very well in big or small crowds ( such as a classroom ). And you could tell...A lot.

I have my psychology test that I still need to study for tomorrow. I really hate speaking and/or singing in front of big crowds ( which that I never done except that one time in 7th grade but I stopped after that ). I wonder how I'm gonna handle singing at this do re mi karaoke place that I'm supposedly suppose to go on my birthday that's in 24 days. But at lesst it's around family.

- A