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1993-01-22 06:45:55 (UTC)

January 1993 (2)

1/22/1993 Fri. 3:47 AM

Not much happened yesterday. I cut $90 at work last night and $105 tonight.

A horrifying nightmare awaited me when I got home tonight. I ran to shut my kitchen window when I jumped away realizing I almost touched a huge spider! I've never seen anything like it. Only in pictures and on TV. I Windexed it and thank fucking God it ran towards the inside of the window. I shut it between the glass and the screen. I was still pretty freaked out. I never had such bad willies. There was no way I could sleep knowing the thing was in there and there was no way in hell I was gonna open the window and deal with it myself. I got Mike up here and he sprayed the holy hell out of the window and my sliding door. It had gone back outside the sides of the screen.

I have no idea if it was poisonous. Was it a black widow? A type of tarantula? A brown recluse? It was easily 4-5 inches in diameter. I'm afraid to ever open the windows again. Especially that one. I'll have massive creeps.

I wonder if Tammy's package will come tomorrow.

I really need to sleep long enough hours, though. If Andy's up and ready to leave at noon and I'm not, I hope he still gets my prescriptions and tries looking for some CDs of Linda's. I gave him a list and $55.

Kara left a message saying she picked up journals at the mall. I gave her $25 as she's always at the mall.

Last night I fell asleep at 4:30 and I knew they were coming to change the filters. The other day I called Judy and told her to have them come after noon since I sleep late. She said that'd be no problem, but sure enough, at 10:30, guess who showed up? Luckily I napped from 2:00-4:00 this afternoon. I wish to fall asleep soon and get up at 1:00.

I got a gorgeous necklace and anklet from these sisters who sell jewelry once a week where I work.

I'll write much more tomorrow, but I'm out of it now.

10 PM

Hunter is on now and I'll write while it's on. When it's over Andy and I are gonna go to the mountain.

Well, last night was chapter one of the spider story. Tonight I hope and pray is the final chapter. I saw it again, moving really slowly at the base of the kitchen window, between the screen and glass. I called Kara and she so bravely walked up, opened the window, crushed it with a paper towel and flushed it down the toilet. Thank God for her as I couldn't stand knowing the thing was in there. Especially if it were to nest, and Kara said it looked pregnant.

Kara picked up 3 new journals today that are very nice. Now I have a total of 40.

Last night one of the waitresses, Diana, had on a nice belt. I told her to let me know when she gets sick of it. She said for me to let her know when I get sick of my cigarette case. I just gave it to her as I have others.

So, we got to talking and it turns out she's an artist and went to college for it. She seems like she may be very good as she offered to get together with me and help me. She doesn't have a phone, but she can get to one, so I gave her my number. She doesn't have a car, but she says she will next week. She wrote down her schedule for me, too.

I've got to take my meds, then put on something warmer to go out. I'll write later or tomorrow.

1/23/1993 Sat. 2:23 AM

Andy and I went to some dark, secluded and quiet cemetery. He's taken me there once before. He did an interview while I was with “Shauna.” Then he got spooked because right after he smokes pot, he gets paranoid.

We then went to Fry's where I got two packs of cigarettes, two candy bars, gumballs and these awesome stickers. They're nothing like other stickers. They're so small and they're sort of padded. I put them on the sides of journals 4, 33, 36 and 39. They seem quite durable, too. I don't really like the stars I just got cuz the tips of them keep lifting up.

After I got out of Fry's we parked behind it. One guy came by to throw shit in the dumpster, then two guys walked along the back, then cut the corner to the front. Andy smoked more pot and he got in the car when he saw the cops coming. He reeked of the shit! He said, "Oh no. You handle this. You're great with cops."

The cop drove up to the front of the car and shined the lights on us, then I stepped out. All he asked is if we saw someone jump over the cement wall where we were parked near. We saw no one hop the wall.

So, the cop took off and he breathed a big sigh of relief as he still had pot in his pocket. I told him from now on to do it in his own apartment, or without me, if he's got to do that in public. If he got in trouble, I'm not gonna go down with him if he's caught with pot on him. He's lucky the cop didn't search his car. He said I was absolutely right and he won't do that again with me around.

After that, we took off to some really classy office building. He wanted to show me this beautiful little mini pond with little waterfalls.

Then we came home and since we can't make pranks, he called Laurie. The one who lives in Kara's complex. She was pissed cuz he woke her up.

I like writing while he's chatting with someone. Someone who doesn't know I'm on the line. So, I saw Rachel's lights on as they're usually on late. I had him call her and I put my mute on. He mainly talked about a cute, gay male friend of hers.

After the spider incident, I decided to remove some of my stuff from my patio. I don't want to ever reach into that tall cardboard box to pull out something and see another surprise waiting there for me. All that's left out there are my two chairs, the white wooden table Fay gave me, the plant Jeff gave me, my broom and dustpan and my raft. I took in my photo albums. I also emptied out the two album boxes. This was also a good opportunity to junk anything I didn't need or want. I put my tools and important papers in drawers. I threw out the two boxes, tools and papers of no use and those two furry rugs. I still have no idea if I'll ever see the rest of my pictures, but I doubt it. I thought I could trust my own mother not to rip me off. Tammy and dad would never do that, but that is something mom would very definitely do. Especially if she feels I need to “grow up” and get over my celebrity picture addiction.

Well, Andy picked up my meds for me and also two old CDs of Linda's. Simple Dreams & Mad Love.

Stacey absolutely made my day today. Can you believe I actually like her now? I do believe she realized she did step way out of line. Also, after I let her know who she was messing with, she's been such a sweetheart to me.

Anyway, I was on my way down to get my mail when I saw the bed frame and other shit. I said to myself, oh shit, I'm fucked now and all the more I'll never sleep. I asked a guy, "You moving in?" He said no and then I realized he had on a Vista Ventana shirt like maintenance wears. So I got the mail, then on the way back, I recognized the furniture was just like what they have here in the models. Stacey was there and I asked her if it was now a model. She said yes, but she didn't know for how long. Obviously, long enough, or else why would they go to all the trouble of putting in furniture, wall decorations and other decorations? Hopefully, the next person in is Bob or someone I know, or they wait till after I'm gone. They'll be in there early tomorrow, though so I'm sure they'll wake me up.

What's up with Bob? He hasn't called or written. Is he on his way here? Did he lose his phone? Is he in the hospital? Dead? I hope he's OK.

I still have much more to write about, but now I need to go listen to my music.

3:40 AM

I sure hope I can fall asleep within an hour or so. Especially if the bitch next door or anyone setting up the model downstairs is gonna wake me up. I'm sure something or someone will. At least it's 50/50, rather than all the time, but it still kind of sucks and isn't fair. I'd love to find a duplex with thick walls, a pool, laundry facilities and no screaming kids. I really need to sleep solidly from 5:00 or 6:00 to 1:30 when Kara's due to knock on my door, but ever since I complained on the bitch next door, she slams her door and bangs around. Not all the time, but much more than ever before. What does the bitch expect? It's her fault for bringing in 15 kids.

I called the office to ask Judy if she could send someone up to put my sliding glass door on the tracks. She said they may not get to me till Monday, but that she promises to have them wait till at least 2 PM. Well, in case she fails to remember that, I'll put a note outside for them not to bug me till after 2:00. At this point, I don't believe Stacey, Paula or Judy would do this, but I wonder if maintenance isn't deliberately doing this. You know how guys are. I doubt it and I've never had any major hassles with them, but they know I sleep late. Several times, very early they talk loud outside the window and little shit like that. Mike knows I sleep late and he's the one who came up to do the filters. If it happens and I see a pattern, I'll get them up in the middle of the night.

Tony, the gay guy who lives below Andy may be on reserve as far as getting me to work. Other than John, these cab drivers are totally undependable. If I do call, I'll never request a personal. Especially Lou. Once he almost got me there late and the second time he stood me up. He also stood John up, too. The operators and dispatchers are screwed up, too. If I need a cab I'll just call any cab and wait out by the road so they don't drive by and get lost. Tony said he's usually home at 5:30, so if Andy can't take me, he said he would at 5:45. I'll pay him $5. Andy's working tomorrow, so he can't take me, so I'll ask Tony at 5:00. If he says no, I'll call a cab at 5:00 so I have plenty of time.

As I was sitting on the utility box last Thursday, I knew Paula was coming cuz I know her footsteps. I called out, "I knew it was you." She asked if I was going to work. I told her how screwed up the cabs were and she agreed. She knows where Sha Na Na's is and said at least it isn't far. That's true. It's only 10 minutes away.

It was nice to see so many women in there the last night I worked. There were about 8 of them. I noticed this very pretty and feminine woman sitting at the bar. I also noticed she was eyeing me quite a bit. So I approached her and told her I was about to do something bold and brave that I'd never done before. I asked if she was bi or gay. She asked if I was hitting on her. I said if the feeling were mutual. She said she was but wasn't about to discuss it with her brother sitting right there. She told me she was a dancer there 3 years ago and that her name was Denise. I gave her my number, but she won't call. The pretty ones never do. She also had been drinking, so she could've forgotten who the hell I am.

Later on, after she left, 3 guys came in who I'd seen before. They're friends with one of the waitresses. A girl was with them and right away I could tell she was gay. She's so-so, but maybe she would look better out of a smoky dim bar. She was a little chunky with straight long black hair cut short in front and on the sides. This is a typical butch haircut, but at least the long part was way more than a few strands. She looks mean and hard-core, but she's much friendlier when you talk to her. Her voice is also higher, sweeter and friendlier than you'd expect it'd sound. She has dark eyes and I figured she was either Indian or Mexican. Well, she's Mexican and originally from New Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish, is 22 years old and goes to auto mechanic school. A job that seems very fitting for her. Completely suits her. She even shocked me by telling me she has her own place and a car.

At one point we went into the bathroom together where we talked. She had to go pee, but on my way out she kissed me. She also did that in the dancing area (quicker ones) and I gave her 3 table dances and she totally drooled all over me all night. All the other girls say they've also given women table dances.

After she left, Jim (the bouncer) commented on how she really likes me. He also said he had several gay friends, male and female. I told him what I go for and that he could get my number from the bar to give to anyone who may be interested. I gave Linda my number figuring that she'd call cuz there is no real lust or spark. However, she may be an acceptable settlement. It's too soon to tell after only seeing her for an hour in a dim smoky bar. I just hope she's not rough and doesn't want anything serious. It's been a year now, so it's so hard starting up anything again after all that time.

Anyway, I'd describe her as a butch with a touch of femininity. Or a feminine butch.

Time for bed. God, I hope I don't get woken up!

1/24/1993 Sun. 4:11 AM

So far I've cut about $1,000!!!!!!! Boy does this feel weird, yet great. I've set aside a little stash I'm saving to send Tammy.

No wonder her package hasn't come yet. I got a postcard from UPS to call them to correct my address. The name's right as well as the city, street, state and zip. But it says “room 2475.”

I also got mail from mom. She sent tons of cigarette coupons which I threw out. They're nasty brands and now I can afford to buy Carlton's. I just now realized that. These cigarettes go fast too, cuz they're like air.

She also sent an American Express traveler's check for $50. Now, why would she send that? Plus, it says Bank of Boston. That's odd. Anyhow, I'm gonna send this check right on back. I called and got their machine. I didn't even know they had one, but I told them the best times to call me. I also told them I'd send the check back and that I'd pay for all their calls to me.

I'm getting too tired to write much more, but I slept OK pretty much yesterday. I think at 10:30 I heard a bang, but I quickly fell back to sleep. I slept for about 6 hours.

Tonight I go in at 7:00, instead of 6:00. Not only is Tony on-call if Andy's working but so is Mary. Mary will be busy on Wednesdays, though, which is OK. I just try to find out by 5:00, so I can call a cab if I need to. They can be busy, unpredictable and undependable.

As I was sitting out on the utility box waiting for a cab by Mary's side, Judy walked by my side and we said hi. Then Judy came around to the sidewalk even with me to continue on to the office when Mary opened her kitchen window. We said hi and Judy looked back with such a funny and confused look on her face. She couldn't figure out if I was talking to her or to myself. Then, Mary came out and chatted with me until the cab came.

1/25/1993 Mon. 3:40 AM

Since I started dancing, several girls have quit or been fired. Several new ones were just hired. Brandy and Joy were fired for hooking. Brittany's no longer there, so I guess the costume she lent me is now mine to keep. Maya's threatening to quit and Diana just quit. We just got 5 new girls. Diamond, Pearl, Alexis, Chelsea and Dani. There are probably more whose names I can't remember.

Diamond did my hair the other night. Better than anyone else ever has. It held up so well and the stuff she sprayed in it never made me sneeze.

Alexis and Chelsea are sisters and it seems Alexis could be bi-curious.

Dani's so nice and we chatted tonight as it was an extremely dead night. Scott and Joe saved me, but I'll get to who they are later.

My stomach is growling so badly, so I'm gonna continue after I go make a TV dinner.

1/26/1993 Tues. 3:30 AM

Linda called earlier and I strung her along as usual. She's just too damn desperate-sounding. At the bar, she was as well. She claims she's still playing the field which very well could be true as that's what most people do. But when she says, "I love you" after she leaves a message and says she's tried calling 20 times, that makes me wonder. She's also not that attractive in my opinion. She's just too persistent and she does seem like she'd like to do much more than "play the field" with me. She also seems like she could be too rough with me or even violent if she can't get her way. Maybe I am judging her cruelly, harshly and unfairly. I know I hate being judged even though I'm plenty used to it. She really could be a sweet, gentle, loving girl. But I'm gonna follow my gut and not take a chance on her. I'll tell her she's too persistent. It's too hard to get involved even for one night after all this time. Time is also something I don't have too much of. I want my space when I'm off work. My job and music are my top priorities.

I met a deaf guy who's friends with Dave (a bartender and the one who hired me) at work whose name is Willie. John knows him, too. We signed a lot and exchanged numbers. It sure was different dancing and signing at the same time.

3:55 AM

John's turned out to be a really cool, honest and mature guy. He's 100% sure I'm gonna make it musically and is already to be my bodyguard. He already is and he surely will be if we go to Chicago. And I'll feel totally safe, too.

So what's all this about Chicago? Well, let me write a few other things in here first.

I'm not speaking to Andy right now cuz he's being a selfish stubborn asshole over a videotape. When he went to Vegas I followed instructions properly to change the channel on the cable box and it appears that what he wanted taped never got taped. He took a fit over that, then quickly dropped it. He tried to get a copy (Fleetwood Mac) from Mary back in MA and channel 10. He thought I did this deliberately which is BS, but anyway, I gave him money to help him out and it was over. I thought.

A few nights later we went to the cemetery and other places I mentioned and he was fine. The next day on his way to work he said he still wasn't over it and he didn't want to fight so he'd be in a good mood at work. He also said it was something someone said which I knew instantly was bull cuz I haven't spoken to anyone about him. Nothing personal, only trivial, but I know he tells people all kinds of shit about me. So I left a bullshit message saying I got a call with shit revealed to me that pissed me off and that I don't want to talk to him for a while. I also told him I wouldn't wake him up or go in his apartment God only knows he'd fucking flip if I didn't tell him that.

It's pot paranoia. He also takes his misery out on others. When I'm miserable I try to hang with those that'll boost me up, not go look for people to kick down with me. Things are going too well now for me to bother with anyone with an attitude like that.

4:12 AM

Laurie called twice earlier. I'm sure Andy was on the line, but if he was, fine. The first time she asked if they were hiring waitresses where I work. I believe they are, I told her, cuz Diana just quit.

The second call was to tell me something oh-so-familiar. She's struggling financially, fighting with her mom and wants to drive me to and from work for $5. I said she could drive me in, but John gets me home. However, if he's off when I'm on, I'll let her know. I also said I'd give her some food stamps.

She can make $5 extra Sat. by taping Variety 104.7 from 7pm-9pm for me. There's a special on Gloria.

I'll tell Tony about Laurie driving me in. Also, I'll let him know when and if I need him.

I still have so, so, so much to write about, but I'm zonked. That's good, though.

Wow! I just heard on the radio it's to be 75° for the next two days! Ha, ha, Tammy!!

I called UPS today to clear up my address with them and her package should definitely be here today.

9:20 PM

I spoke to Tammy today and told her UPS screwed up her package. It never came today. I called them and the girl there told me it'll come tomorrow. It fucking better.

I also told Tammy all my good news I'll finally write about tonight.

10 PM

I had to stop to call Kara before I forgot. She may be over if Ashley shuts up and goes to sleep.

Now I'm really pissed at Andy. I need a few weeks without him as that little fuck never fails to try to come in between me and my friends. Luckily Kara isn't Brenda. The whole time they were out last Fri. doing errands he ran his mouth about me, cutting me down. Kara tried telling him over and over to shut up about shit about either just me, or me and him. It's up to me to tell shit about me, and shit dealing with both of us is between both of us. Every time she'd tell him to shut up, he'd continue anyway. Why doesn't the bastard just write a book about me? He lives for talking about me like I live to be a singer. I've been really helpful to him since I've begun making money and this is how I'm treated.

He's happy I have Kara and he's happy I have this job, but at the same time, he's insanely and stupidly jealous. Especially now that he's in a bind financially and basically only has acquaintances. He doesn't see as much of Donna, Diane, Velma or Laurie. There's a great difference between envy and jealousy.

11:33 PM

Kara came over after I wrote my last sentence. We had a nice talk.

Before I forget, let me mention a few things about yesterday. This new maintenance guy came over to fix my sliding door, which is still screwed up. Man oh man did he get personal. I'm pretty sure he's all talk, I know I could beat the shit out of him, but I don't know about other women. Basically, he told me how good I look, but was friendly. Told me that anything I said he'd never repeat, and shit that wasn't important.

I told Stacey about it and said she didn't have to say anything to him unless his mouth turned to actions, but to just be aware. Especially for the sake of other women, cuz I can take care of him myself. I'm not one bit worried about having to punch his lights out if need be.

I also told Stacey I am now 99% sure Robert was the one who shot the firecrackers up here.

Not only is Stacey nicer, but so are Paula and Judy, even though those two were always nice. I chatted with Paula real briefly yesterday as she was closing the model below me. I was ordering Chinese food and Paula mentioned she heard the food at Chiam's was good. It's the only good Chinese place out here. I brought the number and address to her at the office and she was very grateful.

1/27/1993 Wed. 12:07 AM

Today as I was doing my laundry (yesterday) I saw an ad. The ad said, "We need to get out of our lease and will pay $250 cash." I called and met this girl Kathy. No, she was no butch. She was feminine, kind of pretty and with a guy. They got caught with 2 cats so they're moving. It was a small 1-bedroom which is bigger than I thought. We went to the office and spoke to Paula and Judy. Judy said cuz I just began my job they may need mom and dad to co-sign. Then I thought about it and decided to wait till my lease is up here and get something bigger and even better. Plus, I just only began to get my act together, even though I plan on keeping it that way. I can't be bothered at this moment with moving, what with the dancing and other stuff going on, too. I need to help Tammy, too.

About two weeks ago I met this really cool guy at work. He's pretty wealthy too and owns a few businesses. He gives me lots of tips and he'd rather talk with me than have me dance for him which is cool with me. He has a connection with Capitol Records in L.A. Some guy he knows there to which he sent a tape I made. Who knows about that, but right now I have the biggest, best and most promising news ever. I think I got my foot in the door for sure. This is not the younger and naïve Jodi saying this. This is the Jodi of today who did all her homework along with John. John and I both talked to this guy named Joe who says he managed Civil Defense and Society Slaves under the name Mercury. He's bi and his band's all gay guys who he'd send into Entertainer's Inc. to back me musically on a free demo. He told me to call an Al F Chicago where their main studios are. He said they only have one of their studios here, but if Al couldn't book me here in PHX, he'd fly me and John free to Chicago. I asked why he would do all this for me. He told John and me, "I have nothing to gain, but my name on her record as she has talent and I believe she can go a long way. It'll boost the company up, too."

So John did some homework and called this guy in Chicago. This guy's for real! He's 100% legit! So, I spoke with John and Joe. Joe also spoke to Al and Al's gonna call me. Joe feels this can all be done in a week or two.

Desperado Linda called last night and two nights ago. She called while Kara was here. This woman scares the shit out of me. I'm following my gut. No way! She’s just like a man.

I am gonna go listen to music soon and maybe watch some shows I taped.

12:45 AM

So, it's been 5 years and 3 months since I began all my journals.

I slept way too late today even though I surely needed to. I got up at 3:00 so it'll be hard to sleep before 7:00 and UPS is coming today. I'm sure they'll be here earlier than usual. If I only sleep 5 hours, then OK, as I had plenty of sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna tell Laurie that I can't stop her or Andy from talking, but that I refuse to discuss him when we're together. I'll also make damn sure I never say anything I don't want Andy to hear. And he would hear it.

I haven't heard from my parents since I left the message. They're either not home, busy, can't get ahold of me or they dumped me. If they did dump me, that's their problem. Not everyone is just like Dureen and Art O.

1:01 AM

I can hear that stupid little shit next door. I'm sure he's enjoying his night off. He sure had a hell of a nerve being all sweet and lovey-dovey to my face last Friday night, while only a few hours earlier he cut me down to Kara. Kara said that if he asks her to tag along on errands, she's not gonna just say no. She's gonna tell why. He needs to get off the fucking pot which makes him so paranoid and go from A to Z. He brought this all on himself and I certainly need time. He can leave a million pleading messages, but I need a few weeks at least.

1:50 AM

I am now watching Jenny Jones, a talk show. It's all about women who like younger men.

I just realized that I can't send that traveler's check back as ma paid cash for it. I am sure it's non-refundable. I'll cash it and send it to Tammy along with other money in a money order.

I just sent Nervous a letter and tomorrow Kim returns from Florida. She'll have 3 shocking, surprising, yet great letters. All with fantastic news as well as funny stuff.

Aside from helping Tammy with financial matters and going shopping, I'll find out exactly how much I must pay to have my blocks lifted since I haven't been here a year. I'll probably have to pay over $100. Maybe around $150, but that's no problem. Damn! That feels so weird saying that and it probably will for a while. I'll owe fuckface phone bill money, too.

I still have not heard from Bob, so I have no idea what he's up to or where he is.

I think Rachel moved back to Oregon or Alaska. Oh well.

I'll first see if Kara can tape Gloria from the radio special before I ask Laurie.

2:06 AM

Unfortunately, I am not one bit tired. I surely won't end up with much sleep, but I'm gonna bust my ass at work and work my ass off (excuse the pun). Why? More money, of course, unless it's as dead as Sunday was, even though I doubt it'll be. It'll also knock me out sooner when I get home.

I'll need Laurie to bring me to and from work as John's off. I spoke to John earlier and told him about my arrangement with Laurie.

I know Laurie sincerely needs help but is Andy trying to get us to be friends so he can come between us? Probably. However, Laurie is not going to be my "friend." I'm paying her to drive me to help me out while I help her out.

When Linda called earlier I went a little funny on her. Kara and I were laughing our asses off. Linda was too, but I still have a bad feeling about her. Whenever she calls I'll just read this journal pretty damn out of order. She asked why I hung up on her Monday night. Of course, I didn't hang up on her, I told her to call me back as I had other stuff going on. She then asked if the other stuff was more important than her. Yes, I told her. I think she was half serious and half playing with me, but either way that's pretty pushy, desperate and persistent. She also told me she refuses to give up on me. Perhaps this can be a really fun game after all. This is what I was gonna do if I ever got calls from those gay bars.

This girl is either sweet, gentle and sincere or a rough crazy brute. I just don't know if she's desperate in the right way or in the wrong way. We all take risks and chances, but I’d rather not on this girl. I'll just keep playing with her which sure is fun. She keeps calling me "girl" too when I have a name.

I think I'll send her to Building 10 across from me where I can still see her. I don't want to send her downstairs as I couldn't watch her without her noticing me. At Building 10, I can watch her more discreetly without being detected. She's less likely to notice me or hear me laugh my ass off.

I've met and heard of other gay and violent women, but I've never been wanted by a woman who literally scared the shit out of me. I'm terrified to death of this girl. She makes me think of a violent butch (even with the touch of femininity) who is in jail and beats, rapes, and dominates other women. Only 10% of me feels this girl is sounding and being pushy out of good intentions. I can picture her making love to a woman, being gentle at first, then so suddenly turning into a rough brute. Out of bed, I can see her ask a woman to cook dinner. The woman says yes. Then I can see her ask the woman to do the dishes. She says, “No, not now.” Linda then beats the shit out of her. It reminds me of the night I met her, and Rena said she looked hard-core. Gee, I wonder why?

I must go read what Tina's old apartment number is so I can send her there. She says her car will be fixed tomorrow. I'll bet she has a truck like Andy next door does. Women like her love trucks and jeeps.

Well, anyway, I'm off to my next (paper) journal. With work now, I did not expect to finish this journal till some time in February. I most certainly hope and pray to God that during my next journal I cut my demo. I feel that I truly will. I'll have only one thing left to achieve since I don't want a kid or a girlfriend. That is quitting smoking as I can't last long with cutting down. I have to either smoke or quit. I can't cut down and stay that way.

I'll also ask John about cheap motels as Andy's sister and nephew are coming at the end of February. It sucks to have to leave so he can have company, even though that's his right. At least I can afford it.

1/29/1993 Fri. 10:30 PM

I have some updating to do on that guy Scott I mentioned but I'll get to it later.

The last night I worked I cut $94 and $112 the previous night. I sent Tammy 4 envelopes stuffed with cash. I sent $280. I've also sent letters, but I haven't heard from my parents or Bob. I got postcard number 3 from Kim who's been home a few days now. It's a really cool card.