Experienced Life
2019-09-12 01:28:49 (UTC)

3 month plan

I have some plans for the next three months. I will finally pay off the 75" Samsung TV and Note 9 that I bought last year. One more payment and it'll be paid off. I purchased it straight from Samsung so I got it on a zero interest loan thing. I had time to pay it off but I may as well pay it off early and be done with it. Then I'll have 250 extra a month to spend on something else.

I will buy another kayak. I'm down to one that I use but I think I need at least one maybe two more for future kayak excursions. I'm thinking that it'll be a nice date or even just going out with a friend where we can go kayaking on a lake together. There are lots of them here I California. As the weather gets colder, there will be trout planted in these lakes. We also have migrating Salmon coming upstream so I can jump on that too. We also have sturgeon but I don't know if I should be messing with those Dinos fishing on a kayak. They can get big and it'll be dragging me around on my kayak.

I should be back to my crossfit gym. I don't mind the one I'm at right now but it's not a social place. You just do you own thing. They do have boxing classes though so I think I want to give that a try. Looks like fun and it's exercise so why not?

I already bought my plane tickets to Canada so there is that. Going at the end of October for 7 days. I can't wait for that. I'm getting 400 in Canadian dollars (do you call it dollars?) and I'll charge the rest.

Almost forgot about Jen from Oakland. We still haven't met but chatted a lot. Met her on a dating app I think is called bagels and coffee. Something like that. Pretty cool app. You can't message each other unless you both liked each other. So no robocalls or the one sided emails or texts. You can only reach the other person if they liked you too. I like that concept. No BS ing around.

I have stuff that I still need to install in my truck. Upgrades and silly upgrades that is cool but I don't really need but I just want to do it. Maybe I'll install sliders on it. These help the your truck slide over rocks if it bottoms out on the frame and it also helps you step up into your seat for a foot hold.

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