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2019-09-12 01:22:48 (UTC)

Dinner with friends

It was my friend H's birthday and the hot lady she knows (that I asked out 6-9 months ago) made her dinner at her place. H asked if she could invite me so the hottie said yes. Funny, tonight was the 2nd time I saw her at her place. Last time was at the crawdad festival. Then tonight, she served me dinner. It was good. She can cook. Only made her more hotter. haha. Then she made coffee for us and that was freaking good to. It's one of the Nespresso machines . Never even knew they existed but they do and it was good after dinner and the wine we were drinking.

There was about 8 of us there. Supposedly, we may go to visit the hottie somewhere in town. She's in a band and she can sing. Also, she did say she'd want to go and do a crossfit class with me soon. Well, I need the green light from my Dr so that'll have to wait. In the meantime, I think I'll be maybe going to go see her sing. Funny how you leave them alone then all of a sudden, all these opportunities pop up. Life is strange. Still don't think it's worth it being her son is out of control. I still have to laugh. When I was trying, it didn't happen. Nothing happened. Now that I'm not trying, all these things are sorta happening and I'm bumping into hottie more and more now. SMH. Strange how life is :)

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